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Advanced Motor Controls and Software

Advanced Motor Controls & Software

The IQ Systems


Vacuum IQ

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Vacuum IQ™ is an electronic motor control system that manages your vacuum motors. It includes a dynamic variable frequency drive(VFD) and customized software.

Vacuum IQ™ constantly monitors your vacuums so they always operate at maximum efficiency. Your motors work as much or as little as needed depending on the actual demand for suction. You enjoy the most cost-effective operating model– vacuum-on-demand. Vacuum IQ™ dramatically reduces energy costs and extends the life of your equipment.

Need more incentive? Energy providers across the country are issuing substantial rebates for installing environmentally friendly devices like Vacuum IQ™.

AutoVac will provide you with a cost savings analysis that shows how much money you’ll save on your energy bill. Your energy provider will use this report to calculate your rebate for installing Vacuum IQ™ (where available).Go to VacuumIQ.com to download your Energy Savings Calculator today. Here is a sample energy savings report from an actual AutoVac client.
Dramatically cut energy costs by reducing energy consumption
Earn a rebate from your energy provider for
“going green” with Vacuum IQ™ (participation varies by region)
Extend the life of your equipment
Reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime
Simplify your equipment – Vacuum IQ™replaces soft starters and throttle valves
Return on investment is months, not years
Savings continue year after year
Vacuum IQ™ brings this client’s annual energy costs down from $29,388 to just $6,490 – that’s a savings of 77.9%.
Return on investment is realized in less than six months!
Vacuum IQ™ includes user-friendly software that interfaces easily with virtually any vacuum equipment. The program allows comprehensive motor control and easy data retrieval.
AutoVac can monitor your system online via the web for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes
Enjoy online control of your motors to perform auto-tunes, test parameter adjustments and simulate events
Download and save data to a drive or file
Track your exact savings with the built-in cost savings calculator
What is Vacuum IQ™?

Vacuum IQ™ is an electronic motor control and software program designed for motor-driven centrifugal vacuum and pump systems that automatically adjusts motor speed to changing load requirements.

The result is equipment that “thinks” for itself and matches production to demand at any given time. The most significant benefit Vacuum IQ™ offers is dramatic energy savings. Vacuum IQ™ also extends equipment life, reduces maintenance and downtime costs, and often increases productivity. Vacuum IQ™ combines the technology of a variable frequency drive (VFD) with AutoVac’s proprietary computer programming that is customized for each industrial application. Its Windows based operating platform can be interfaced with existing equipment an

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Dryer IQ



Dryer IQ – The efficient way to start, stop and manage your dryers.
Manage your dryers with Dryer IQ™ and cut energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and extend the life of your equipment.

Dryer IQ™ manages your carwash dryers with a dynamic variable frequency drive (VFD) and customized software. This dryer management system keeps your dryers operating at maximum efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

The result? You enjoy dramatic savings on your energy bill and extend the life of your equipment.

Need more incentive? Energy providers across the country are issuing substantial rebates just for installing environmentally friendly devices like Dryer IQ™.

See the Cost Savings for Yourself
AutoVac will provide you with a cost savings analysis so you can see how much you’ll save on your energy bill. Where available, your energy provider will use this report to calculate your REBATE.

DryerIQ – A better way . . .
DryerIQ™ manages your carwash dryers with a dynamic variable frequency drive (VFD) and customized software. Dryer IQ™ replaces outdated operating methods that rely on costly across-the-line starters and inefficient dampers to control airflow. Dryer IQ™ eliminates wasteful startup power spikes that drive up your energy rates. Dryer IQ™ starts your dryers efficiently and gradually and then controls the motors’ RPMs so they operate at maximum efficiency. Your dryers work as much (or as little) as necessary according to your business levels. Dryer IQ™ manages airflow by controlling the speed of your motor, instead of relying on inefficient damper methods. Your dryer motors return to idle during stand by periods, waiting to ramp up their RPMs as business requires.

Software – WebIQ



WebIQ is a user-friendly software package that provides remote access to your vacuum or air system via the internet. WebIQ actually generates a web page for your system where authorized personnel can monitor and adjust the systems’ parameters. Set up maintenance reminders, customize alerts, monitor airflow, energy usage, etc.

Knowledge is power and WebIQ delivers that knowledge to your fingertips – on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.
Receive maintenance reminders
Monitor and adjust your system
Review and generate energy savings reports
Know when your system begins operating, runs idle and shuts down
Get the most from your system with WebIQ.

Standard Electrical

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To ensure years of reliable service, your AutoVac equipment must be properly installed by a certified electrician. On the reverse are approved electrical specifications. Any variance from these factory-approved specifications may limit or void equipment warranties. Check with your AutoVac dealer or contact our technical support line for more information.

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IntelliVac Metering Device

When added to a central vacuum system, the IntelliVac allows for the metering of airflow at the point of use. InetlliVac has many industrial applications and is widely used in the car care industry – specifically, self-serve car wash owners who to want to take advantage of central vacuum technology.

Carwash operators can offer free vacuums with the purchase of a wash, pay-per-use vacuums, or a combination, by using the AutoVac’s IntelliVac and Vacuum IQ.

  • The IntelliVac can be activated by tokens, coins, codes, or even in-ground sensors.
  • Enjoy powerful cleaning power
  • Operators decide how long each customer may vacuum before buying vacuum time. And if customers are forgetting to replace the vacuum hoses, you no longer have to pay for their mistake – the IntelliVac will turn the vacuum off for you.

Combine the IntelliVac Vacuum Station with a Vacuum IQ to realize tremendous cost savings by reducing energy consumption.

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